Our Process

How it works…

We purchase commodities from conventional and organic producers from all over Texas. The commodity grown is harvested by the producer and then shipped to our facility located in New Deal, Texas. Once the commodity has reached our facility we unload the commodity into storage bins. Commodities are then transferred into tote bags that hold 2200 pounds right away and given a producer identification number to keep record of quality and where the commodity came from. All totes are stored into an environmental safe barn to prevent any harm to the commodity for further processing. When the Commodity is ready for processing it is documented and processed out of storage to start the cleaning phase. Our Cleaning phase consist of two major phases. In the first phase the commodity runs through a four stage Crippen cleaner that sorts the trash that is acquired from the harvesting stage of the commodity. After the commodity has completed the first stage it is carried to the second stage by an elevator leg that gradually feeds the commodity onto a five fan M Froes Gravity Table. The gravity table blows any excess debris off of the commodity. Our Gravity Table sorts the commodity by weight using gravity which sorts the commodity into three different elevator legs. The first leg is a cull leg that sorts the commodity that is not a satisfactory for human consumption into separate bin that will be used for animal consumption. The second leg is the return leg that returns the commodity
back onto the gravity table. The third leg is a leg that takes product that is satisfactory for human consumption. All product that is satisfactory for human consumption is bagged into clean totes and staged to be shipped. Our products are then shipped to be used as food products all over the world.



Commodities that are processed through our facility can be traced all the way back to the field the commodity was harvested out of. The producers of New Deal Grain have lot numbers that is an identification system for that certain commodity. Our identification system has all of the specifications for that commodity on file. We know the producer, field, variety and if the commodity was either rain fed or irrigated. Traceability is important to the farmer and the consumer to ensure quality assurance of commodities processed here at New Deal Grain.

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