We handle both Organic and Conventional of every commodity.

Black-Eyed Peas

Black-eyed peas are a nutritional pea that is planted throughout the Southern United States. This commodity is used for many different meals and is famous for the New Years Holiday. Black eyes are a legume that is very nutritional to the soil and put nitrogen back into the ground. This variety of pea is a ninety-day crop that can be very beneficial and profitable to any crop rotation.   

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Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo Beans- Garbanzo beans are also known as Chick Peas are a multi-purpose bean produced in the United States. Garbanzo Beans are used for the production of Hummus, Gluten Free Flour, Dog Food and for certain Mediterranean dishes consumed in the United States. This Variety of bean is a ninety-day crop as well as a member of the legume family. Garbanzo Beans can be beneficial and profitable to any crop rotation. 


Corn is a popular commodity in the United States that is very diverse due to the levels of starch corn produces. This commodity is used for human consumption in forms of edible corn, corn starch, and other food grade by-products. Ethanol production is a very high demand in the United States. Majority of Corn produced in the United States is for Ethanol production. Corn Is a very nutritional ingredient for feed yard diets in the United States. Feed yards commonly feed either steamed flaked corn or Distillers Grains (DDG’s) a byproduct from ethanol production in finishing diets for the feed yard industry.

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also known as Milo is a commonly grown commodity throughout the Midwest. Milo is used as a food grain for human consumption and commonly used in the production of baby food. Milo is a very popular ingredient that is used in diets for livestock feed. Cattle feed and poultry feeds are the most common livestock diets that contain Milo


Soybeans are a commonly grown commodity in the Midwest region of the United States. This commodity is mainly produced for soy products produced all over the world. Those products consist of tofu, soy milk, and soy bean cooking oil. Soybeans can be processed into a meal form that is a very beneficial feed source to livestock.

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Organic Cottonseed

 Organic Cottonseed is a primary commodity we handle at New Deal Grain. Organic Cottonseed is a product from Organic Cotton that is only grown in the South Plains Region of West Texas. This commodity is used for organic cottonseed oil and is an excellent feed source to livestock.  This feed source is used in Organic Dairy’s across the United States. We have access to Organic Cottonseed at our facility in the South Plains of Texas.


Wheat is one of the most commonly grown crops in the United States. Wheat is used for a variety of reasons. Wheat’s most common use is to be milled for flour to make varieties of different pieces of bread, crackers, and pasta. Wheat is also very popular for its use of being a beneficial cover crop during the winter in the United States. Wheat can produce optimum grazing for livestock producers during the winter months and still be allotted a harvest before livestock grazing.

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Barley is a commodity grown that is very similar to wheat being a member of the grass family. This commodity is very well known for its distinction of malting. Barley is one of the main ingredient for many different beers across the world. Barley can also be used for different breads and fiber products. Production of barley is focused towards